Heart Springs Press – A heart springs is associated with a deep and enduring source of energy that feeds the individual’s need for education, knowledge and information generated from creative and compassionate sources.

Compassionate, Caring and Uncompromising in Quality.
Non-Fiction Training Manuals and Curricula:
Family Issues, Health and Healing, Wellness, Self-help, Early Childhood Development,
Non Profit Management, Children’s Books

To publish educational, informative and family focused works that value and sustain community, family and self. Heart Springs Press provides training materials and trainers/speakers to bureau to support and sustain its educational works.

Principles, Leadership and Values

Integrity – HSP is truthful, trustworthy and forthright in all our endeavors and in all works published.

Respect/ Impartiality – HSP appreciate the diversity of people and communities we hope to reach and inspire by valuing the uniqueness of each individual. HSP provides a supportive conscientious environment for our communities, authors and readers.

Objectivity – HSP provides fair, balanced and equitable information

Social Responsibility – HSP has an obligation to act in a manner that benefits the society in which we operate. HSP sees this responsibility as the responsibility to conduct positive relationships within the community to the benefit of HSP and the society at large.

Creative Expression – HSP recognizes the importance of providing opportunities for creative expression for community, authors and artists and supports originality of thought and expression in relation to HSP principles.

Sustainability – HSP uses products and materials that do not deplete the limited resources of the planet. HSP develops sustainability standards for any products that use energy.

email: info@heartspringspress.org